Ghillie’s Doggie Gallery


19th-26th September

Here’s Aki! What a lovely bouncy boy.


5th-12 September. Lovely Ruby enjoyed her holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy.


29th August- 5th September. We Arlo our youngest doggie guest at 9 whole weeks old. He was a little star.

2E4478E3-D652-4FA9-B6B3-50031D801CE5 DCC7FA85-BD8D-4C74-A529-D634BA7A9DCE

22nd-29th August. Here is the very lovely wee Sadie enjoying the views on Tynron Doon.


8-15th August Here’s lovely Bonnie and Scout, eight year old brother and sister. They enjoyed their visit to Ghillie’s Bothy.



1st-8th It was great to meet the delightful Lucy, a very well behaved with year old collie  who was very chatty!

27th July- 1st August. Here’s lovely Jester, a four year old Setter. He was our first doggie visitor since February!



Here’s Rupert, a six year old Border Terrier. He is an all terrain dog! and enjoyed his long weekend visit to Ghillie’s.


Tweed and Dee the Spaniels enjoyed their short break 12-15 February.
1st-8th February.

Where’s Wally? Wally the Whippet is Chillaxing at Ghillie’s Bothy!



28th December- 4th January. Once again we missed a photo opportunity with Mollie and Luna on their fourth visit to Ghillie’s Bothy! Here they are during a previous visit.❤️



December Here’s the lovely Hobbs, a 10 month old Spaniel who stayed at Ghillie’s Bothy for his first Christmas.


No picture of lovely Lily the Spaniel who spent her second holiday with us 9-16 November.

2nd -9th November Miss Rosa Rose spent her second holiday with us. Look how chilled she is.❤️


October Failed to take photo of Abby the dog!😳


The very handsome Eddie was our doggie guest in September. Look at that face!😘



26-30th Once again we missed a photo opportunity because of an early start! Hope you had a lovely time Ruby and Elsie! ( Cavalier King Charles Spaniels- very beautiful).

24-26th  We did not get up in time to take a picture of Sox the Lhasa Apso! We hope he had a nice weekend.

Cilla and Ernie, a whippet and greyhound, enjoyed their weeks holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy  17-24 August. They were both a bit camera shy!

Cilla                                          Ernie

E607A7B6-D85A-4F2B-9484-605F7F0C00D4 Islay

10-17 August Miss Bunty had a visit from her lovely Aunty Islay. What a nice lady she is too.  Islay is the first Flat Coated Retriever to visit Ghillie’s Bothy and we enjoyed watching the three of them having a great romp together.

6th-9th  Young Gary the Beagle had a fab time at Ghillie’s Bothy. With his family. He’s a 🌟

D72EC340-5633-48F9-AC2D-0F55546624E3 Heeeeeeeerrrs Gary!


22nd-29th June

Look at lovely Charlie relaxing in the paddock. What a handsome chap he is. So well behaved at only seven months old too!

0989CE32-5CD9-486D-92F1-50241AB626AA Charlie

16th-22nd June

Here are Charlie, an eight year old Sprocker and his brother Chester, an 11year old Cocker Spaniel. They enjoyed their walks in the local area and playing in the paddock. What a handsome pair.


Charlie left and Chester right.

8th -15th June

We didn’t get a chance to take a photo of Tess and Lola who visited this week,  what a shame as they were lovely!


28th April-5th May. I can’t believe that I forgot to get a close up of young Jake, nearly 3, before he went home! He became great friends with Eachann and Bunty who are now looking a bit sad! We hope you will come back again, you are such a well behaved fellow. X


Lovely Lily, one year old, enjoyed her holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy 17th-24th April. She particularly loved running round in the paddock and some nice cool forest walks.. Eachann misses her!❤️

19592E56-A89C-4F28-9635-0E92336B282F Lily


Here is young Taffy, a six year old Beagle and our first doggie guest of 2019, who enjoyed lots of great walks near Ghillie’s Bothy and relaxing in front of the fire.




Molly and Luna missed the opportunity to pose for the camera, so here’s one I took earlier in the year!



Lovely Hero the Greyhound. He didn’t want to hav3 his photo taken!


Here is young Billy saying goodbye to Eachann and Bunty after his fifth holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy.


29th September- 6th October

This week we had the pleasure of meeting lovely Pebbles the five year old Spaniel. She enjoyed lots of long walks on her holiday.




Lovely Annie spent a week with us 22-29th September. What a lovely friendly girl she was. Come back soon Annie!


15th -22nd

Maisie the three year old Cocker Spaniel enjoyed her stay at Ghillie’s Bothy this week.


8th 15th

Wee Tilly came back for her second visit this week.




Ziggy the Labradoodle aged five had a fab time this weekend. Come back soon Ziggy!

IMG_0513 Ziggy

18th-25th August

This is Meg, she is just 10 months old in this picture. What a lovely face!

IMG_7717 Meg

11-18 August

This is Teddy, a four year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. What a happy chap he is…and so full of beans! Glad you enjoyed racing around the paddock young man!

IMG_2083 Teddy

4-11 August

Young Willis from Hull had a fab holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy and enjoyed lots of tiring outings as well as greeting Eachann and Bunty. Hello handsome!

IMG_7659  Willis

28th July- 4th August.

Here is the lovely Honeymoon back at Ghillie’s Bothy all the way from Hertfordshire for her second visit.



Here is lovely young Bow! He enjoyed a holiday with us 21-28 July. Bow is only 21 weeks old and we think he is going to grow up to be a very handsome and happy chap.


June/ July

Fred, Bee and Maeve enjoyed a long holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy 24th June- 5th July



The very lovely Tinks!



26-30th May

Here’s Munchie, aged two, and Squidge, aged three, Lhasa Apsos. They were very shy but enjoyed the paddock and barking hello to Eachann and Bunty from a distance.

19-26th May

Here is the lovely Erik sunning himself in the paddock. He gave it 10/10!


14th-18th May

Woops! Didn’t get a picture of Luda and Jinks who stayed this week.  Two lovely natured terriers who enjoyed playing in the paddock.

5th-12th the lovely Will spent his holiday exploring all the amazing mountain bike trails with his family. A very calm and gentle boy.

IMG_7138 Will

April 28th-5th May

Heeeeeeeeeer’s Billy! Back for his fourth visit to Ghillie’s Bothy. He was so pleased to see Bunty and Eachann again, they have become good pals. Eachann was very sad when Billy went home! Til next time💗!


Here’s Charlie, he’s eight or nine years old. He came all the way from Shropshire for a holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy 25-28 April. He was not very good at posing!

IMG_7066 Charlie

Molly and Luna ‘the golden girls’ made their second visit to Ghillies Bothy this week 21st-25th April. They are the first doggie guests I have managed to photograph for ages! They enjoyed racing around the paddock and greeting Eachann and Bunty.

Doggie Guests 2017


This is the lovely  Pip, a seven year old Springer Spaniel, who enjoyed Christmas 2017 at Ghillie’s Bothy with her family.


Tilly, aged three, enjoyed a weeks holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy 9-16th December.

IMG_1711 Tillie

Here’s Molly 5 and Luna 10months, Golden Retrievers. They enjoyed their weekend at Ghillie’s Bothy 1-4 December. They particularly enjoyed running around the paddock and sleeping in front of the wood burner!



The lovely Ruby came to stay 10th-12th November. She is a three year old chocolate Labrador who loved running around in the paddock.

IMG_5939 Ruby


The biggest dog I have ever seen! This is the very handsome Feargal the Irish Wolf Hound who stayed at Ghillie’s Bothy 28th October-4th November. He is three years old and I think he has stopped growing!

IMG_5894 Feargal

Here is lovely Nel, an 18 month old working collie, who holidayed at Ghillie’s Bothy 2-6th October. She particularly enjoyed the paddock.

IMG_5804 Nel


Here are Molly and Tilly two Scottish Terrier sisters who enjoyed their weekend at Ghillie’s Bothy, especially the paddock

IMG_1639 Tilly and Molly


19th-26th August. Young Billy came back to Ghillie’s Bothy for his third visit. He has grown into a very handsome young fellow. Come back soon Billy because Eachann misses you!

IMG_5516             Here’s Billy!

This handsome pair, Sasha aged three(top) and Oakley aged four, stayed at Ghillie’s Bothy 13th-19th August.

IMG_5405Sasha and Oakley

This handsome fellow is Murray, a four year old ‘Westie’ who enjoyed a holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy with his family 5th-12th August. He made friends with Eachann and Bunty too.


This lovely lady is our first doggie guest for a while. Her name is Honeymoon and she is a four year old Wauzer, a cross between a miniature Schnauzer and a Westie. What a pretty face.💗



It was lovely to see young Dougal again! He came with his family for their second two week visit 3rd-17th June.

IMG_5696 Dougal


Sara ( cocker spaniel) and Serge ( deer hound) stayed at Ghillies’s  Bothy 27th May-3rd June. Two very well behaved doggies!

SaraIMG_5532 IMG_5533 Serge

Here’s Ralphie the whippet who stayed with his family  13th-20th May. He enjoyed lots of local walk and running around the paddock.

IMG_2525 Ralphie

This is Flint, an eight year old Patterdale terrier, who stayed at Ghillies’s Bothy at the beginning of May. He particularly enjoyed sunbathing in the yard!

IMG_5311 Flint


This is the lovely Honey who came for her second visit to Ghillie’s Bothy 22nd-29th April. This picture does not really do her justice but she is a bit of a wriggler!

Honey2 Honey

This couple are Kyra and Bailey from York. They stayed at Ghillie’s Bothy with their family 15th -22nd April.


Here is young Jiggy, a collie cross, who stayed here with his family in March. Jiggy was very friendly with Eachann. He enjoyed some long local walks and snoozing busy the wood burner as well as running round the paddock.

IMG_4983  Jiggy

Two new friends for Eachann! Noodles and Zennie visited Ghillie’s Bothy with our old friend Annie. They had lots of romps in the garden. Eachann was very sad when they went home!


This is lovely Skye,  a border collie, who stayed at Ghillie’s Bothy from 4th-7th March.

IMG_2467 Skye


This lovely chap is Pippin who holidayed at Ghillie’s Bothy  in February. Pippin  is a 14 year old West Highland Terrier ( nearly 15). He enjoyed the paddock and several local walks.

img_2449 Pippin

Here we have Millie and Maddie, Labradors aged six and two. They holidayed at Ghillies Bothy in February and enjoyed the local walks.


This is Mylo who stayed at Ghillies Bothy at the beginning of January. He is a very sprightly nine year old.

img_2442 Mylo

Below is a picture of the lovely Jersey who celebrated Hogmamay at Ghillie’s Bothy with her family. Jersey is a three year old Alsation. Eachann really took a shine to her!

image Jersey

Doggie Guests 2016


image Billy

Here is young Billy back for a second visit. He really enjoyed a romp around the paddock with Eachann. Now 11 months old we think he is going to be a big ‘un!  See you next year!


image Bramble and Eddie aged two and one. They enjoyed running around the yard and paddock. After a few grumbles they made friends with Big Ek!

image   image


Here we have little miss Rosa who has just spent a weeks holiday at Ghillie’sBothy. Rosa is a chihuahua/ Jack Russell cross. She is almost two years old. Rosa and Eachann enjoyed several romps around the paddock and yard. She did not seem to mind that he  was much, much bigger than her!


Our youngest doggie guest so far is little Bella who is almost five months old. She is a cocker spaniel. She certainly is bella, bella!

image Bella

This lovely lady is Honey, a six year old Labrador. She visited Ghillie’s Bothy  8-15 October with her family. She enjoyed the paddock and some of the local walks and was very friendly to Young Master Eachann.

image Honey

Another smiley doggie visitor, Dougal, had a two week holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy with his family for the last week of September and the first week of October. Dougal is a very friendly 71/2 year old West Highland Terrier who did not seem to mind sharing his bonios with Eachann!

image Dougal


This is Toby a Border Terrier. Toby is nine years old and a very handsome and well behaved fellow. He enjoyed plenty of walks during his stay and many a good frolick in the paddock.

imageimage Toby

Here is miss Breezer who visited Ghillie’s Bothy with her family 3rd -10th September . She has a passion for bunnies. We think Breezer is very pretty and take a good picture(usually!) There are some lovely pics of her on our Facebook page, taken by her da!

image  Breezer


It was lovely to meet Ernie this week. Ernie is a Springer Spaniel who is almost 11 years old. He came all the way from South Wales with his family. What a handsome well behaved gentleman he was.

image Ernie

We were delighted to welcome Coin the greyhound and his family back to Ghillie’s Bothy for a second visit. What a handsome chap he is.


Bobby and Ollie

These two fine fellows are nine year old Bobby, a Border Collie  and Olly a five year old  Springer Spaniel. Bobby and Olly enjoyed a two week holiday at Ghillie’s Bothy in July.

billy Billy

This smiley fellow is Billy, a 6 month old Labrador who visited with his family 25th June-2nd July. Billy is a very bouncy boy and he too enjoyed romping around the paddock.

Sky and jess Sky and Jess

This lovely pair are Sky (left) and Jess. Sky is a six year old Labrador x Collie and Jess is an 18 month old Labrador. They both enjoyed playing in the paddock  when they visited Ghillie’s Bothy with their family 18th-25th June.

image Daisy

It was lovely to welcome Miss Daisy (above) back this week for her THIRD visit with her family-11th-18th June.

These two lovely Labradors are called Bella ( on the left) and Jack. Bella is nearly four and is Jack’s Mom. Jack is one year old. They visited Ghillie’s Bothy  21st-28th May,

image Here they are sitting very nicely with Young Master Eachann waiting for a treat.

Ollie Ollie

This handsome chap is Ollie, a nine year old Patterdale Terrier. He visited Ghillie’s Bothy from 7th-14th May.

image Halu

This lovely lady is Halu who is 12 years old. She stayed at Ghillie’s Bothy  13th-17th April.  Halu is Arabic for yummy-scrummy.

Maebe and Jackson

These two little lovelies are Maebe and Jackson, miniature Dachshunds. They spent a long weekend at Ghillie’s Bothy with their family 8th-11th April.

image Ted

This handsome fellow is called Ted. He is a Lhasa Apso and is almost two years old. He spent Easter 2016 at Ghillie’s Bothy with his family.

Eachann 1 Eachann aged 1

To celebrate Young Master Eachann’s first  birthday this page is dedicated to him and the doggie visitors to Ghillie’s Bothy.   


Rolling, especially in wet grass, leaves and snow, walking on the hills, watching sheep, snoozing by the fire, greeting guests and visitors, his doggie friends, chewing the handles of brushes, collecting socks and fluffy toys.


Having a bath, the hoover and going to the vet!

Doggie Guests 2015

Lola Lola

This is Miss Lola. She visited Ghillie’s Bothy with her family in July 2015. She is a three year old Old Tyme Bulldog.

Coin Coin

This is  Coin, affectionately known as Coiney. He is a retired Greyhound and is six years old. His racing name was Steel Coin. He visited Ghillie’s Bothy with his family in August 2015.

image Kendra

This is Miss Kendra, an old friend from Warwickshire. She visited us with her family in August 2015. Kendra is  a four year old Kelpie, a collie/dingo cross. Kelpies  are originally from Australia and are used to herd cattle and sheep. Their party trick is running along the backs of the sheep to separate them. Kendra is not a working dog but still loves to herd. Over the last couple of days she has enjoyed herding Eachann quite a lot!

imageHarvey and Cyrus

These two handsome dogs are Harvey (on the left) and Cyrus. Harvey is six years old and Cyrus is eight. They are both working dogs. They visited Ghillie’s Bothy with their family at the end of August 2015.

017 Eachann and Lulla

This is Miss Lulla (on the right) who came to stay for the weekend in September . She is Eachann’s best friend. Lulla is a Hovewart and almost four years old. She has a lovely nature and the two of them played together all day long. Eachann was exhausted when she went home!!!

Lola and Splash Lola and Splash    Dibble Dibble

 16th September -This week we were delighted to meet three very well behaved dogs. Lola and Splash are brother and sister aged five and Dibble is a one year old long haired Jack Russell.

image  Archie

This is Archie. He is a nine year old Lhasa Apso. He was a very refined gentleman until he had to have a bath after rolling in something revolting! He visited with his family in September 2015.

IMG_1513  Titan

This is Titan. He came to stay at Ghillie’s Bothy with his family in October.  Titan is an eight year old Estrela Mountain dog and was originally bred to guard herds. Although he resembles a bear Titan was a very gentle and friendly dog.

IMG_1520  Daisy

Here is Daisy, a four year old Whippet, who came with her family at the end of October 2015. It was Daisy’s second visit this year. Daisy is a very shy dog who does not like the cold. She enjoyed searching for rabbits in the garden!

image  Snoop

This is Snoop who visited Ghillie’s Bothy 28-1st December 2015 with her family. Snoop I a three year old Paterdale terrier.

image Nellie

This is Nellie,  a very, very bouncy and friendly Rottweiler. She is three years old. Nellie visited Ghillie’s Bothy with her family for Christmas 2015.

image Erik

This handsome fellow is Erik, a four year old bulldog. Erik spent the last week of 2015 at Ghillie’s Bothy with his owners.

We would be happy to add photos of any of the doggie guests who do not appear above.  Please email them to

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