Flattie Fun

A walk along the river Tweed at Abbotsford House (home of Sir Walter Scott)- http://www.scottsabbotsford.co.uk, with a flurries of flatcoats to celebrate Taffy’s 8th  birthday… …followed by a stroll around the beautiful walled garden in the chilly wind… …then a wee climb – http://www.nts.org.uk/Visit/Grey-Mares-Tail And finally tea and cake in sunny Moffatt. What a busy day!

New Lamb

Today we visited the pet lamb, born two days ago, who was rejected by its mother. ‘Half-pint’ is now enjoying the comforts of Dalmakerran kitchen and being bottle fed by a small army of willing volunteers. Eachann was very bemused to see such a small creature so close!