Useful Information

Above the door in the entrance hall you will find our mobile and land line numbers in case you need to contact us during your stay.

Useful Contact Numbers

Emergency Services ( Medical, Fire, Police) 999

Doctor: Chapel Street, Moniaive 01848 200244

Dentist: Thornhill Dental Practice 45, Drumlanrig Street, Thornhill 01848 332592

Vet: Nithsdale Veterinary Surgeons, 93 Drumlanrig Street, Thornhill 01848 330220

Chemist: Boots Pharmacy, 22/23 East Morton Street, Thornhill 01848 330263

Post Office: Spar, Thornhill open daily.

Watson’s Grocers, Moniaive 01848204 ( post office time vary, please check)


The refuse collection is on Thursday.

The gray wheelie bin in the courtyard is for non recyclable waste.

The Red lidded bin is for plastic and tin. Please wash before recycling.

The blue lidded bin is for clean cardboard and paper.

There is a small black bin for bottles and jars. Please clean before recycling.

The white caddy on the sink is for compostable items ( tea bags, coffee grounds, vegetables, egg shells etc.). The caddy can be emptied into the small recycling bin next to the general waste bin.

Note: Please place any meat or bones in the general refuse bin to avoid attracting vermin

THE MORSO MULTI FUEL STOVE makes a very cosy focus in the room. The first basket of logs is free along with kindles and fire lighters. Further baskets can be bought from us for £6 or you can buy logs at Watson’s Grocers in Moniaive.

To Light The Fire…the best arrangements is to place a fire lighter on the grill and add kindling in a square pattern. Light the fire lighter and leave the door slightly ajar until the kindles are well alight. Add a couple of small logs and close the door making sure that both the top and bottom air vents are open. Once the fire is burning well the burn can be controlled by closing down the bottom  air valve slightly.. The top  air valve provides an air wash  over the glass to keep it clean and should remain open. Ash from the stove can be emptied into the metal ash can in the Laundry.

The wall heaters will provide an instant source of heat if required. We can supply the appliance manual if required or you could google the instructions.

Please turn the heaters down when you go out.

The switch for the shower is situated by the door of the shower room. The fuse box is also located there.

Please be aware that the property is serviced by a septic tank. This means that nothing but toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet. Everything else should be placed in the bathroom bin. Paper bags are provided for sanitary products.

Laundry Room. There is a small laundry room in the bottom of the yard where you will find a washer/ drier.

The Paddock. Located opposite Ghillie’s Bothy is fenced. And can be used to exercise dogs ( please pick up after your dog). There is also a picnic bench and chairs for relaxing and enjoying the view on sunny days.


If you are planning a trip to Dumfries please ask us for the parking disc which will enable you to park in the specific ‘disc zones’ in the town centre. Please return the disc before you leave.