A Good Reason For Not Washing Your Car!

Our guests at Ghillie’s Bothy this week had to get creative to stop being woken by the crows pecking at their car. The answer, a home made crow scarer made from plastic bags and the washing line! It worked!

imageAccording to the RSPB Community Forum: ‘This bizarre behaviour is actually quite common, especially at this time of year – and yes, the colour and shiny-ness of your car is playing a part! Black or dark coloured cars seem to be the most reflective and therefore most problematic. Before, and during, the breeding season, male birds try to find and establish territories and suitable nest sites. Some highly territorial birds, such as tits, finches and crows will attack windows, car external driving mirrors and any other reflective surfaces. The reason is that they can see their own reflection on the surface, and thinking it is an intruding male will try to attack it to defend its territory. ‘